YouTuber Recieves Death Threats For Leaking The Elder Scrolls 6 Information

I received a couple of death threats from different, what looks like, generated email addresses. But I can tell they are all from the same person or at least from someone with the same brain defects as them. They are trying to make it seem like they are working for Zenimax or Bethesda. But I know they weren’t, they’re probably just trolls. But the thing is, I think they doxxed me and most of their information was bullshit but there were a couple of things that were a little bit too close to accurate.

I am not doing this to hurt or mess with Zenimax in any way, in fact, I am doing this for the opposite reason. I wanna bring as much hype for Bethesda Games Studio. I love what they do so much that I want as many other people to love them as well. I don’t want to ever see their games die, I don’t want them to go through any trouble or stress, I want them to always live in the golden age. Because Todd Howard and the rest of the Bethesda Games team are geniuses and legends and I want to get as many into their games and into their amazing worlds as possible. That is why I am digging into information, I am not “hacking” Bethesda.

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YouTuber Recieves Death Threats for Leaking The Elder Scrolls 6 Information